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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is an important phenomenon for your business dynamics. Avistos provides sentiment annotation services to gauge real-time data. There are Sentiment analysis algorithms set up, along with different datasets and approaches which are customizable to your company demands. It is successfully operational in and not limited to retail, automative, healthcare, agriculture and sports industries. With an added advantage of in-depth knowledge on natural language processing annotation solution and trending market learnings.

Entity Annotation

Entity Annotation is a category of dataset annotations which is used to identify categories in a programming database. It corresponds to an individual table representating a particular artifact. Machine learning models help in segmentation of various entity classes. These annotations assist the algorithm in comprehending the entity extraction models. Alongwith mapping of the entity and tables respoectively. Avistos has developed machine learning models and computer vision datasets to identify and map a widespread of entities.

Label Identification

Labelling is an integral part of annotation using Machine Learning. Identifying raw data and segregating based on the labels keyed in is label identification. Label identification is a broad spectrum and can be integrated into various categories. Based on the input, the model integrates a bounding box around the required dataset. For example, your selection of a Printed Label Identification will lead to a bounding box being created around it, once identified.

Segmentation BBox

A segmentation box is used in bounding boxes and identifying a framework around an object. These coordinates help in object detection while image processing.

Content Area BBox

A Content area box pertains wholly to text rich datasets. The machine learning models identify text in a document and the bounding box processes the same.

Word BBox

A Word Bbox is used to identify text using data annotation models. Based on inputs of the required word format to be located. The outputs define the categories desired and can be filtered solely on the type of text format chosen.

Line BBox

Based on the values of a particular matrix, annotation is possible. The bounding box will be created around any line in the document chosen.