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Avistos Training

Key Features

There are certain attributes that are set in place to ensure that you have a seamless experience while learning and developing with us. It is imperative that your learning experience not only allows you to grow, but it also gives you a live hands-on industry experience.
Once you onboard with us, you will be able to avail our key features which include:

Getting noticed by top companies through our consistent and professional job assistance.

Each session will be conducted live. It will provide you with real-time hands-on experience training.

Getting trained by highly experienced certified industry experts.

In-demand tools and skills that will help you in receiving technical assistance.

An upgraded syllabus with industry-oriented concepts, providing enhanced in-Depth knowledge.

Properly scheduled in-depth training programs with real-time scenarios.

Cloud Training Programs

With the best of technicians and technologies that we provide; you will have access to all our internal tools and instruments.

AZURE Infrastructure TRAINING

Corporate Training

An integral part of any organization, without which streamlining of processes can get difficult. Training and development are essential for all departments of a company. Right from the induction of an employee, to regular updates about the company, training plays a major role.
Trainings can be of various types:

  • Technical & Process Trainings
  • Departmental Trainings
  • Soft Skills Trainings
  • Developmental Trainings
  • Managerial Trainings
  • Legal, Compliance and Code of Conduct Trainings
  • Ethics, Values and Diversity Training
  • Conflict Resolving Training
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hear from

our Alumni

Pavit Pal Singh

I really enjoyed the practical seminar and sessions on the topics. It was really good to get hands on and with the challenging assessments i could improve and was able to practice where I was lacking.

Tirumula Kumar Marotu

Training was in depth and made a logical sense with the structure at the end of the training. Lots of takeaways from the training. All the topics were valuable for me, since you need to know each one of them to get the entire job done.

Devanshu Chauhan

Handouts are very comprehensive and easy to understand. The trainer can ask the trainee to share the screen and guide him/her through the steps of creating the resource or code.. lecture would go at a more natural speed I feel, since trainee wouldn't be that experienced.

Arjuna Menon

Training covered a lot of topics in a detailed manner. The trainer was interactive and effective. Would recommend this training to friends and colleagues. The availability of handouts and videos really helped.

Live Online Training

With a challenging course that the world has taken due to the ongoing pandemic, there are various changes that have been incorporated by various industries. One of the primary key integrations being the Internet. While the world was connected through online mediums. There has been an exceptional need to switch to a virtual world. Be it organizing meetings or conducting trainings; our learnings are all virtual today. Understanding the timely need for this, Avistos ensures that there is a seamless integrated experience that you will be a part of, once you decide to engage with us.

Today, more than ever, communication and collaboration are key. While in person, things were easier since that was a way of life followed. With the New Normal, digitalization is the way forward. We ensure that our engaging courses not only make it a point that you understand the crux in-depth, but also are able to apply the same real time. Our technology facilities are demarcated to envisage your learning experience with us.  

Our interactive courses provide you with an assisted and guided approach throughout your tenure of learning. There are virtual conferences held to interact in a better fashion. The case studies presented allow you to work within groups, with your partners to deliver better. All the necessary tools that will be required by you at any point of time are already catered for by Avistos. Even the smallest requirements can be checked for during our classes. Be it white boards, or chat facilities to raise your queries and receive feedbacks, we have it all covered. We believe in knowledge being an evolutionary paradigm and are constantly ensuring that we upkeep ourselves with the industry trends and keep our learners engaged.

ClassRoom Training

An inadvertent evolution to the virtual world has created a need for various demands to be fulfilled, one of them being Classroom Trainings. The replacement of in-person classrooms to a virtual space is what is required today. Our understanding of the current ongoings has prepared us to adapt to changing dimensions. We have organized for a unified virtual classroom experience that will allow you to interact with the expert trainer in a convenient and easily communicable manner.

Classroom Training provides us with the opportunity to focus on live interactions real-time. Be it doubts, suggestions or result oriented classes; there is an opportunity to discuss them all.
This platform facilitates in creating constructive dialogue and allows the participants to gain additional guidance required during their learning period. The manner in which Classroom Training works is very similar to enrolling in a university. Students and working professionals alike can enrol themselves for classroom training, depending on each course’s eligibility criteria. Once the sessions and slots are identified, you are allowed to get an experience of the virtual classroom setup.

We understand how an interactive session full of examples, exercises, project-based learnings assist in building you personally and professionally. We intend for you to interact immensely with your peers, which further adds on to providing quicker resolutions when faced with a problem. Allow yourself to learn and grow with us and you do not have to worry about the trending developments, since we keep ourselves adept with everyday changes in the industry.