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Text Transcription

While digital formats such as JPG, PDF, and PNG are great for document preservation and storage, they generally don’t allow you to edit and update text. Taking printed material or digital images and converting them to text files is time consuming and often tedious—a process best left to trained professionals.

Through our text to text transcription services, we convert your source document to a Microsoft Word or plain text file that allows you to edit and save your written material an infinite number of times, create searchable databases, train machine learning algorithms, and more.

Audio Transcription

Professional transcription allows you to buy back your time and gain insights from the content in your recordings. When recording audio, including lengthy interviews and meetings, our customers can focus on the conversation at hand. They rely on us to capture the details of those conversations by handling the transcription of everything that was said.

Businesses save a lot of money and time by outsourcing audio transcription services. Transcription experts are skilled in transcribing interviews, manuscripts, reports, meeting, forums, dictations, script correspondence, articles, speeches, teleconferences and telephone conversations. To ensure quality, a transcriptionist has to be well-versed in grammar and punctuation. They also need to understand the author’s intended meaning and decipher unclear speech.

Video Transcription

Whether it’s entertainment, communication, or marketing, video transcription offers numerous benefits. Since search engines can’t index video, an online transcription of your content will greatly help SEO. This makes your content easier to find and expands your reach to new audiences. From YouTube transcription to webinars, entertainment, and promotional content, a video transcript service will help you make your message clearer. By utilizing time stamping, your audience will have the benefit of easier navigation. Finally, video transcribing services will make your content accessible even in quiet environments. Don’t forget we also offer translation services, so your captions and subtitles can effortlessly reach new audiences worldwide!

Avistos Transcription Service



Our transcription accuracy rates are noted to be among the highest in the industry. To ensure this, we only hire US and Canada based transcriptionists who can understand the nuances of the English language better than a non-native English speaker would.

Latest Tools

A platform built for brands that provides high-quality content, collaborative tools, and workflow management. These measures also help us ensure that only the most competent transcriptionists stay with us.


Many small transcription businesses use automated speech recognition software that yields poor quality transcripts. However, at Avistos Transcription every word of your transcription is typed by a human.