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Contingent Workforce Landscape

Contingent workers are an integral and growing part of the workforce. Whether freelancers, consultants or contract workers contingent labor of all skillsets is in high demand. Contingent workers are the fastest and most effective way to augment their current workforce and respond to rising talent demands, staff large strategic projects, add new skills and expertise and accelerate growth.

Contingent Staffing by the numbers


Resources across various technology POD’s.


Bench Resources for project forecast & back-fill.


Hiring Per Week


Certified Resources

Our Contract Staffing Services

Temporary workers are essential for organizations with constantly changing Market demands, Technological upgrades, project workloads and seasonal skill needs. Employers can identify the niche expertise they need for the tasks at hand and leverage contract employees to quickly scale up or down team size as needed to best finish required project.

Skilled Professional Staffing

Quality experience resources without fulltime costs, today companies need an alternative for fulltime resources as project timelines are short or have limited requirements. To ensure consistent workflow through out the project keeping check on workforce expenses, Data Glove provides Skilled Contingent Professionals.

What are the benefits of leveraging Contingent Talent Solutions?

We provide a comprehensive range of contingent workforce solutions that go beyond the traditional Hiring, Recruitment Solutions, Managed Service Provider (MSP) and staffing models. We offer a full suite of contingent talent services including contract staffing, permanent placement, temp-to-perm, and our proprietary on-demand client based contractual workforce and contingent resource outsourcing.

Reduce Cost, Scale fast, 120+ happy clients, Custom built staffing solutions

Improving Accuracy, speed and efficiency

As your staffing solutions partner, we offer competitive advantage compared to traditional and legacy workforce suppliers, extensive client portfolio and years of experience combining deep industry knowledge with innovative digital solutions we provide the best talent your business needs with impeccable accuracy and efficiency.

We are known for

Cost effective delivery of scalable, efficient, highly experienced, integrated and highly customized talent solutions that drive improved quality and consistent 40% of client growth.

CW/CL Tech - Contingent Labor Technology

VMS Vendor Management Systems Software has become more widely adopted as standard practice. What’s more, with advances in VMS software, organizations can more accurately track workers, hours and pay rates and analyze supplier performance, all key components of accurate contingent labor reporting.
The speed and accuracy of automated reporting functions allow organizations to make more decisive decisions in real-time with up-to-date data.

The global temporary labor market size was valued at USD 436.42 billion in 2018. It is anticipated to register a CAGR of 6.4% from 2019 to 2025.