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Avistos Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a strategic scalable model wherein an organization outsources its variable recruitment demands and a RPO service provider recruits the right talent based on the requirements.

At Avistos, we strongly believe each customer is different and have unique resource needs. Sometimes the resource needs are time sensitive, whereas some other time it's about finding that one superstar.

Avistos RPO


Global Reach
Scalable solutions
Higher quality talent
Cost efficiency/optimization
Reduce the time to hire
Consistency, accountability, compliance
Enhanced candidate engagement
Hassle-free Vendor Management

Our dedicated recruitment team’s primary objective is to deliver service excellence with our technological infrastructure, within a stipulated time frame, providing cost effective end-to-end solutions. We understand that your needs may evolve over time, hence the services and models we provide are customizable:

End-To-End Solutions

Ensures a complete talent delivery model starting from capturing the requirement till onboarding the candidates – single market or regional level, it can be domain specific. We overlook and manage the entire recruitment process for your permanent and contract hiring needs; identify the objective, align policies and implement processes to avail the finest talent. This service could possibly start with Pre-sales and concludes by on-boarding the candidates.

We assign resources on-site/off-site who would interact directly with the Hiring managers, identify the client’s business and technical project requirements, leverage our own network to generate requirements also manage the client portal to extract new requirements, setup internal technical panel specific to individual technologies, sourcing the suitable candidates, technical screening, proper feedback mechanism, validating the client offer and extending the offers to selected candidates, reference check, BGV, Pre-onboarding and post-onboarding activities.

On-Demand Project based RPO

It caters to your organization’s unexpected and evolving requirements, where our plug-play recruitment team or recruiters would be an extended arm of your existing recruitment team to assist fulfilling your recruitment needs.
  • Basic requirements gathering from the POC.
  • Analyse and understand the requirement.
  • Sourcing the best suitable candidates.
  • Resume screening and phone screening.
  • Submit shortlisted profiles to the POC.

Legacy RPO

This service is the standard RPO offering and very much similar to On-demand RPO with only one specific difference which is of dedicated recruiters during the contract period.

These talent acquisition models entail thorough transparency in the detailed reporting, with Service Level Agreement’s (SLAs) being met. We believe in identifying niche pools of talent, while comprehending areas of development and being prepared for any forthcoming challenges.