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When it comes to payroll, staffing agencies have two choices: do it yourself or outsource the work to a staffing payroll services provider. If you decide to handle payroll internally, your staffing business is vulnerable to every possible payroll violation that could happen across state, city and county lines. You must stay on top of the latest rules and regulations within all taxing jurisdictions where you do business — a daunting task for any staffing agency that sends workers to several cities and states.

Our team of payroll specialists work closely to calculate and manage your organization’s payroll. We ensure to provide your employees compensation, including bonuses, reimbursements, provident funds and other benefits on time, every month as per your company’s payroll cycle. We keep tabs on your new joinees’ information, as well as prepare and execute pay orders through an automated system.


Increase in Efficiency


Pay Checks Processed Monthly


Reduction in Error


Avistos PAYROLL Management

Feature Highlights

100% Automated payroll

Organizations that render services to clients based on billable hours use timesheets for billing. This can reduce your costs by automating billing and invoicing. Automated billing can also increase revenue.

Reduce time wastage

Timesheets help you understand where you are wasting labor. They help weed out tasks that take longer than necessary, and assist you in making decisions as to how you can optimize your tasks.

Bill accurately

They are a way of letting your clients know that you handle their projects efficiently. Let them see how much time you dedicate to them and serve as proof of how accurate your billing is.

Improve Project management

By tracking time on a project, they help in qualifying an employee for a new project, role, or job based on performance.Identifying the availability of workers assigned to a project, making it easy to distribute the workload.

Data security

Your timesheets data is stored on secured servers in the cloud protecting against physical data loss, and to enhance business continuity and disaster recovery.

Save Money

Timesheets let you know exactly what your employees are working on. They track efficiency of workers by comparing the amount of time they work with the output they produce.

Services We Offer

Payroll Processing

Let our Payroll Integration help you easily post payroll entries to your general ledger in just seconds and save time. Rather than typing payroll information twice, just import your payroll post entry into your general ledger in a couple of mouse clicks.

Staffing Payroll Operations

When you need to look up a certain pay period's journal entry, you won't have to search through mountains of payroll records and paperwork. Find and review payroll journal entries anywhere, anytime.