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A business can meet its deadlines, maintain its budget, and achieve success when it uses time effectively. To do this, you need to be able to keep accurate records. This makes timesheets essential to any successful business. With technology advancing faster than ever, and time becoming the most important resource for a business, time tracking is vital to success. Good timesheet software lets you bill customers, manage projects better, and improve payroll processing.

Avistos offers time management and time tracking services that streamline the performance of your business. You can track time on your projects while identifying billable and non-billable resources. We help in measuring the utilization rate of your professional staff to allocate resources effectively.


Reduction in Error


Increase in Efficiency


Timesheet Processed Monthly


Avistos Timesheet Management

Feature Highlights

Reduce time wastage

Timesheets help you understand where you are wasting labor. They help weed out tasks that take longer than necessary, and assist you in making decisions as to how you can optimize your tasks.

Bill accurately

They are a way of letting your clients know that you handle their projects efficiently. Let them see how much time you dedicate to them and serve as proof of how accurate your billing is.

Automate your billing

Organizations that render services to clients based on billable hours use timesheets for billing. This can reduce your costs by automating billing and invoicing. Automated billing can also increase revenue.

Improve Project management

By tracking time on a project, they help in qualifying an employee for a new project, role, or job based on performance.Identifying the availability of workers assigned to a project, making it easy to distribute the workload.

Data security

Your timesheets data is stored on secured servers in the cloud protecting against physical data loss, and to enhance business continuity and disaster recovery.

Save Money

Timesheets let you know exactly what your employees are working on. They track efficiency of workers by comparing the amount of time they work with the output they produce.

Services We Offer

Payroll Processing

Timesheets help employers track work hours, leaves, accruals, and adjustments for processing payrolls. Time tracking software systems also provide employers with a trackable workflow for payroll approval. Inaccurate data entry is the leading cause of payroll errors. Time tracking software systems cut down these data entry errors to keep your payroll processing smoothly.

Management Accounting

Timesheets are a valuable tool in management accounting. They help managers to record start and end times for tasks. This is handy when managers need to know which tasks take up more time and identify areas that delay completion of work.