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Purchase Order Management is one of the most important operational functions for a business to succeed. It is the process through which a business acquires products, assets, vendors, services, and any other item that would be required for the business to make its product or sell its services. Supply risk is always a major challenge in the procurement process. Market risks, potential frauds, cost, quality, and delivery risks constitute the most common type of risks. Additionally, compliance risks like anti-corruption, policy adherence, and more keep your procurement leaders up all night.


Purchase Orders / Month


Operation Cost Reduction


Decrease in risks/frauds


Avistos offers end-to-end solutions for handling all order-related tasks: from order placement, final delivery, reporting and evaluation of performance indicators. We help in reducing effort and costs while increasing delivery reliability. Integrate vendors and other parties quickly and easily and grant them access with just a few clicks.

Key Features

Having a strong Purchase Order Management system provides you the following benefits:

Real-time Information

Any purchase is tracked in real-time and is available for viewing at all times. The impact of that sale will be visibility in a variety of reports that demonstrate the value of that purchase.

Financial Management

With the data readily available, proper financial tracking can occur regarding the impact of each purchase, and projections can be made on the impact of future purchases of a similar nature.

Vendor Management

This is a part of a Vendor Management system, where the relationship, costs and risks of the provider are tracked and analyzed for efficiencies.

Order Booking

A strong Purchase Management system will help to seamlessly facilitate re-ordering, management of delivery and implementation.

Value Add

Each purchase is measured against the best prospects in the industry and consistently updated with new opportunities for savings and growth.

Supply Chain Management

Allows for proper flow of product, information, and finances. The flow of data helps grow the business and increase efficiencies.

Services We Offer

Invoice & Bill Management

We at Avistos provide Outsourced Accounting and Financial services that will help you keep a complete record of all the expenses and the cash flow effectively. We will extract the necessary financial information from your business transactions. All the accounting tasks are carried out to ensure new avenues of growth for the business.

Vendor Management

Our vendor management solutions provide the expertise and infrastructure to improve quality, lower cost, and ensure a predictable and consistent level of vendor service throughout the organization.